Monday, May 28, 2012


I can't believe that of all the things in the world, a completely pointless cricket match is making me post after so long. But this stupid, utterly inconsequential IPL final has made blissfully happy. It is the only match I've seen in this IPL and I am supremely kicked at the way things turned it.

 The thing is, basically, I hate the Chennai Super Kings. Really hate them, their whole "dynasty" swagger, their whistles, the sense of entitlement that the team seems to exude, and the sense of entitlement that the city definitely exudes. Above all, I am learning to hate the whistle podu-ing. podu it where the sun don't shine.

It's very embarrassing that this thing bothers me so much. But there it is. Why is this so? This is very complicated. Perhaps it's because when the IPL began, I used to live in that sporting capital of India, Hyderabad and got used to the home team dominating the tournament. Oh wait... So perhaps the real reason is that quite against my own conscious self, I started rooting for the Chargers. There you have it. I am like one of Konrad Lorenz's goslings. I hatched. I looked around. There was a completely useless team in front of me. BAM! Done.

 Then I moved to Madras 3 years back. And I love this place as much as I did Hyderabad, and I'm having a cetacean of a time here and all that. Except for this abomination of a team and its swagger and its sense of entitlement and...but I've covered that ground already. Worse than having lived in 2 cities (this one also is part of personal history) with hapless teams is to live in a city whose team (not your team) is doing well. This I have learned. (Ooh. Corollary. Would've HATED to live in New York.)

Anyway, as I wrap up this post, the Bollywood monkey brigade from KKR is doing cartwheels on the TV, so some of the euphoria is ebbing. But a good way to start the week. Unlike the week after the World Cup final. But that heartbreak is a story for a different time.