Tuesday, April 05, 2005

What's in a name?

CHOULTRY (p. 211) , s. Peculiar to S. India, and of doubtful etymology; Malayalam chawati, Telugu chawadi, [tsavadi, chau, Skt. chatur, 'four,' vata, 'road, a place where four roads meet]. In W. India the form used is chowry or chowree (Dakh. chaori). A hall, a shed, or a simple loggia, used by travellers as a resting-place, and also intended for the transaction of public business. In the old Madras Archives there is frequent mention of the "Justices of the Choultry." A building of this kind seems to have formed the early Court-house.

Seems like a nice mix of my own roots. Ergo...


twinkletoes said...

back at my place, there's a "choultry" where there's scores of stalls selling yimitation teeshirts (nyke, addidas, amrani, and the like) for 10,20,30 bucks each, and other sundry things like sharts, pynats, shart-pyants, yunderwear, wonderware..
man, i really really miss visakhapatnam..("looks around for fellow-missers")

Sangeeta said...

Hi There,
Thanks for visitng my blog. Your words are relly encouraging.

BTW- in South India-Kannada actually, Choultry also means a wedding hall.