Friday, April 17, 2009

Distant Storm

Tucked away in the midst of the quotidian in today's newspaper, was an interesting picture. Is it our imagination, or is the Bay of Bengal fomenting a nice and juicy cyclone for Coromandel coast consumption?

We've spoken about the weather before at the Choultry, more specifically the obsession with cyclones and the monsoon, so we will not rinse and repeat the experiment. We merely wish to record that frissons were felt today at the prospect of a jolly good Force 10 style blow.

En passant, we quote 1 nos. sher from "Garam Hawa":

Jo door se kartein hain toofaan ka nazara,
Unke liye toofaan udhar bhi hai idhar bhi,
Beh jaoge jo dhaare mein to ban jaoge dhara,
Yeh waqt ka aayelaan udhar bhi hai idhar bhi

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Travel Envy Rant

They are being insufferable all over the place. As suspected strongly.

I am sure at least 5 more posts will follow in approximately 13.76 picoseconds and those last 5 pathetic words can also be elevated to the ranks of hyperlinks.


Election Thoughts

Have seen Rakesh Sharma's documentary (with axe to grind, doubtless) "The Final Solution". Excerpt:

More available on YouTube, see the "Related Videos" link for the above.

The BJP variety of "cultural nationalism" is really vomit inducing, as these types of -isms tend to be. A sick vomit, full of sadness and despair. Lumps of undigested history, chunky and chewy; bile distilled from grievances real and imagined; all held together by a viscous, retch-inducing goo of misguided religion, "culture" and propaganda.

Unfortunately, we aren't flush with alternatives (even if almost anything is better).

Thank goodness for having grown up in Amherst, MA and Cambridge, MA, and to Hyderabad, AP for more recent epiphanies.

Today comes this. WTF is going on? Help.