Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Of Male Bondage...Bonding...Bondage

Two posts in one day. Some kind of record.

Verily, The Poet has said:

On Male Bonding
--July 2003, Amtrak, somewhere between Penn Station and South Station

Behind a successful man, they say
Lurks a woman or three
Au contraire, I beg to differ,
What about his best buddy?

Enkidu was a hairy freak
But without him, no Gilgamesh;
And could Leander ever have beaten Pete,
If he never partnered with Mahesh?

"He doth not bite", they say,
"The canine that loudly barks."
But Friedrich E. did sustain a Dawg,
That did both in the person of Marx.

Adolf H. had Rudolf H.,
As every dictator must his scribe.
Both were ravening psychopaths,
But together they did jive.

"To be, or not to be?",
That is all good and sound.
Ere Laertes reaches for his envenom'd blade,
I would surely have Horatio around.

Heroes Gallic, I descry two,
I speak, of course, of Aster- and Obel-ix.
And that incomparabale duo,
That revealed the secret of the double helix.

Those ineffably elegant prime numbers,
Demurely inscrutable to mortal man...
They may never reveal all their treasures,
For whither art Hardy-Ramanujan?

He might've been a rotten cad,
Was Raskolnikov, steeped in the ways of sin.
I personally think, his only saving grace,
Was his long-suffering chum, Razumihin.

You'll never get fame, if you're called 'Butch',
But we all know one bloke who did.
I really wouldn't have fancied his chances,
If he didn't team up with the Sundance Kid.

Alimentary, my dear large intestine,
If Sherlock had written all those tomes,
He would've just been a terrible egotist;
Without faithful Watson, whither Holmes?

You find them friendly pairs,
In real-life, myth, legend, and drama
Damon and Pythias, Lewis and Clark,
And, may I add, Krishna and Sudama.

But I shed a tear for that worthy pair,
Those icons of friendship, profound
For Veeru who gave his life for Jai.
(Or was it the other way around?)

And Scheherezade saw the approach of the dawn and discreetly fell silent.


Orcaella brevirostris said...

then whom dear ludwig doth take
pole position in your best bud stake?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... interesting. Especially, when seen in the purview of the above question. Any answers?

Btw, did I ever tell you my area of research was gender solidarity? Given that context, male bonding takes on a deeper meaning for me. Especially, since sorority clubs are generally the celebrated ones. Jai and Veeru, yes - but I have heard very few allusions to the others. You put them in perspective.

Last word: The Poet? Is that thou? If yeah, I take my hat off to you.

-- Y!

Ludwig said...

[f y c]: Good q. The position is open? Applications are solicited, rush your entries, last date yesterday, send fortpolio fotograph!

[Y]: It wouldn't hurt to annotate the pome, neh? Little clickable phrases that annoyingly take you off to some other location on the web. Pome could use some polishing too. Version 1.1 SP2 will have to be released, one fears...

Anonymous said...

Annotation is fine, but clickable phrases - Nay! If that is for the allusions in the poem, those who wish to find out, will do so :).
Version 1.1 SP2 - seems interesting, and I am sure you will outdo yourself. Just don't take away the rustic charm it currently has :).
Seriously, you and I should talk and if tomorrow the world says I discovered..... I would be pretty proud of myself :)