Friday, April 06, 2007

Plugs for Local Events

Which are more plugs for local events



> hi!
> evam is in Hyderabad on the 14th of April 2007
> Details are as follows:
> orange house
> presents..
> HAMLET by evam
> -the original spoof!-
> on saturday,14th April, 7 15 pm
> at Shilpakalavedika, Madhapur,Hyderabad
> for details call :9885054191, 9885052368
> so tell ur friends the Evam Team performing their very famous show. :-)

Moving Images

Apparently, they're showing "An Inconvenient Truth" again this Sunday (8th April 2007) evening at the Prasad preview theatre place (near L.V.Prasad Eye Hospital, Banjara Hills). Timings are a mystery. Anyone else know anything about it?

UPDATE: No screening of "An Inconvenient Truth" this Sunday. Watch this space.


Space Bar said...

just called aparajita; the film's definitely not this sunday. it'll be sometime this month. this much i know. will let you know...

unni tomorrow (7th) but i think it's by invitation only. again, will let you know if anyone can come.

Ludwig said...

[space bar] thanks re: Gore movie update. re: unni, have emailed, but looks unlikely at the moment...

Sheetal said...

Abba, what is this attachment to Shilpa kala vedika? What's wrong with Harihara Kala Bhavan, I ask?

Chimera said...

ah, all the events unfold themselves only when I'm out of Hyd, wud miss 'yet' another play.

Ludwig said...

[sheetal] we echo the sentiment. might as well have it in the Sea of Tranquility if you're gonna have it in the S.K.Vedika. H.H.K.Bhavan, of course one could stroll over to.

[chimera] this weekend was apparently chock-full of plays. there was 'Dance Like A Man' somewhere, 'The Vagina Monologues' somewhere else, and 'Hamlet' thingy. plays in Hyderabad are like the 49 M bus from Sec'bad to Mehdipatnam is what we've concluded. long stretches of nothingness, followed by 3 in quick succession.

Space Bar said...

how i agree, ludwig. the eve unni was screened was the dattani play. the following eve was VM and tickets were unavailable even for the price of a large white elephant.

what it matters shilpa kala vedika, hh ka bha, sea of trank.

and sice you do these updates so well, please to do one about the lensight fest...ftii diplomas, willmail you dates? thank you thank.

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