Thursday, December 20, 2007

MIT Open Course Ware

More techie stuff never hurt anyone

MIT has gone a put tons of their course material online and available for free download as part of the Open Course Ware (OCW) initiative. You can download course material from pretty much all the departments at MIT. And this doesn't mean that only the geeks need to go into spasms of ecstasy, material from the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences grouping are also available. So if the Music of India floats your boat, feel free to download the ZIP file and unleash.

Hat tip to Abi for the reminder about OCW. He has a post pointing to several seemingly fundastic video lectures in physics.

Note to self: Switch to unlimited download broadband plan.

P.S.: Yesterday was a very, very good day for sit-in-balcony birding. We saw red-vented bulbuls, pesky babblers, koels, golden orioles, what must've been purple sunbirds (but didn't look so), scaly breasted munias, green bee-eaters, ashy prinias, pestilential quantities of pigeons, a white-browed wagtail, 1 nos. saada drongo, tons of pigeons, and the odd parakeet. And these two birdbrains were back at their usual adda.

Hornbills and Syntex tanks: A Juxtaposition

We even have a video (11MB) of eldritch hornbill hooting away. It's very blurry and unclear and all, but right at the end you can see a blur as birdie launched itself from tank. Check out (our first video!).

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