Thursday, January 03, 2008

Riemann Again, HIFF

Which is random

Lev Aizenberg has made a startling (to say the least) claim.

"We present an elementary, short and simple proof of the validity of the Lindelöf hypothesis about the Riemann zeta-function. The obtained estimate and classical results by Bohr-Landau and Littlewood disprove Riemann's hypothesis."

We've written elsewhere about the Riemann hypothesis, and mentioned that it appeared in a list of resolutions. If Aizenberg's proof holds, this is an earth-shattering result for mathematics. Don't know why, but it just is. And coming so close on the heels of Perelman's proof of the Poincare conjecture, it is like watching triple centuries in consecutive test mateches.

Via the Spaniard, the second edition of the Hyderabad International Film Festival is upon us. Any recos?


Space Bar said...

Im Kwon-taek. Nothing else is worth the effort. But that's just my snobby taek on the matter.

this means you're back, yes? one should meet.

Ludwig said...

[space bar] ah so. it looks like i can't make it to any of the shows. so be it. yes, one should meet. actually, two should meet. one can hardly meet no? by definition? heh.

Anonymous said...

A Time for Drunken Horses is worth watching. Heard good things about Goodbye Lenin and A Sunday in Kigali.