Tuesday, February 05, 2008

For Nothing Now Can Ever Come To Any Good

Which is a connection quiz question


The New England Patriots

Roger Federer


It's all ending.


kbpm said...

oh! it was superbowl sunday, so damn cold in mumbai & i missed the chance to wear the pats sweatshirt (with hood) :( oh well since they lost p'haps it would have been more depressing than ever.

Ram Tekumalla said...

All faced upset losses (SuperB, Australian Open and T20) in the recent past. Too obvious, or obviously wrong?

ludwig said...

[kbpm] it was totally bleah! nothing now can ever come to any good. i totally tremble at what horrendous denoument the Celtics have in store for us.

[ramtek] bingo. upset losses is the polite term. big time "Loser" title is what all have earned. total depression...