Sunday, June 13, 2010

Best Football Match Ever

It's that time again. I present to you, the most thrilling and entertaining football match ever played (Germany v. Greece, Munich).

It's good to watch football, because it's so boring and languorous most of the time, with flurries of excitement ever so often. More than anything else, it is a chance to hang out with friends and/or chemists and drink and eat pizza and idiappam and shoot the breeze.

Meanwhile, certain other team of interest is doing rather well, more power to them. Boston is everything Los Angeles is not: small, pretty, smart, negotiable via public transport, livable. Here's to the Celtics slitting eviscerating until the floor is slick with the Lakers' blood.


srgntpepper said...

another thing that boston is not : in california. or on the pch. you can take the public transport and go drown youaself in chullu bhar clam chowdaa. in anycase that aint reason to root for either team.
the lakers are looking very sloppy, and if the better team is to win, it'd be fine if the celtics emerge on top.

indisch said...