Monday, April 18, 2005

Mythical Weekend

It is narrated in the Kishkindhaakaanda of the Raamaayana that the monkey king Vali
...swings to eastern ocean for his daily bath, and from there to southern sea, to make aachamana, sipping water for self-purification, and then to western oceans to give arghya, water oblation, and from there to other ocean for japa and suuryopasthaana, meditation and welcome to daily sun...
All this, on a daily basis. I feel like I've had a similar weekend. At 4:00 a.m. on Saturday, I had a bath in Hyderabad, and "swung" to Chennai on the "eastern ocean". Spent a good part of the morning transferring tsunami traumatized caimans from one sandy pit to another, took a dip in the Bay Of Bengal and ate fish curry with rice for lunch on the beach.

Evening saw us "swing" to Kochi, on the "western oceans" where food was had, family members were met, a wedding was solemnized. Come Sunday evening, and I "swung" for points north, and spent the night in Bangalore eating paan and talking. And now its Monday morning, and I'm back in the northern parts, sleepy and exhausted.

This Vali dude was quite something.

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