Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Story Thus Far

Is this the fate of all blogs? They start with doubt. Then they die. About 345767 years later, the blogger finds herself in front of a computer once again for days on the end. And the blog is reborn.

Anyway, we owe our eager readers, who have been waiting with bated breath for the post Reichenbach version of this blog. Between the last posting here on March 02, 2004 and today, the following has happened:

1. Quit work
2. Locked up house, and left the People's Republic on cold, blustery May 9, 2004 for The City That Lost.
3. Ended up at a railway station, having passed through a university town, and the Urban Conglomeration of Fraternal, Deep, Tender, Ineffable Feeling of Affection and Solicitude toward a Person, Such as That Arising from Kinship, Recognition of Attractive Qualities, or a Sense of Underlying Oneness.
4. Took a train to the Hog Butcher for the World...
5. Took another train to the other People's Republic.
6. Flew off into the Blue Yonder. Actually, ended up in
a rather interesting place.
7. Spent time

8. Ended up for a few days on a hammock in the land of creepy crawlies via another techy marvel.
9. Went home.

This is getting way too painful. Almost 6 months of peregrinations to list, and we aren't even started properly yet. To be continued. See you next year.

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