Monday, August 21, 2006


We need a new cell phone. Il Professori gave us hell this weekend (in an NRI accent, "Tum India ka beggar log is type ka phone leke kya ukhaadta hai" and so on...) for not having a fully functional phone. He showed us his. It looks like the Starship Enterprise's command console. We are more modest. Desired specs below. Will our readers (numberless as the sands of Araby), please help us find one?

Brand: Nokia
Type: Monoblock, candy bar, whatever...
Camera: NO!!!
Connectivity: USB, Infrared, Bluetooth
Java/J2ME: MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1 device, with decent max JAR size and RAM
Misc: Pluggable, extensible, memory type things; a decent size (500+) address book; FM radio; battery life; speakerphone and so on.

Dream phone: E60. Costs upward of Rs. 19,000.

6233 will work fine too. Except that it too is pricey. Rs. 14,000 types.

The 6230i is a recent entrant in these sweepstakes, but not sure what it costs.

Finally, the ideal value-for-money phone would've been the redoubtable 6021. Unfortunately, they don't make this phone, or anything like it any more. [Note to self: Send booby trap with thermonuclear warhead to an address in Finland.]


PS: Under duress, we're willing to relax the "no camera" restriction. Bleah.

PPS: We're dangerously on the verge of dropping this whole Nokia obsession and getting the muchly delicious looking Motorola SLVR.


Apu said...

Why don't you ask Mowghli for advice?

Ph said...

You MUST buy a Nokia. Says the Motorola phone user. And yes, the camera thing is a bloody pain.

Sid said...

Most of the newer models might have camera (3G spec requires video calling). So, your best bet probably is to select one which does a decent job of hiding the camera :)

podi said...

go for nokia, says the samsung phone user.

(i'm so glad he's obsessing over the phone and has stopped pestering one for an ipod)

Ludwig said...

[apu] We did. Bugger was moderately useless. Says Nokia can't be bothered to make phones tailored to specs provided by weirdo nitpickers like Ludwig.

[ph] Gosh. What to do now, the Motorola beckoneth more and more. Why not the Motorola?

[sidman] Looks like that's the case. Need to drill a hole in the lens or something.

[doPi] As Generaloberst Douglas MacArthur quoth, "We shall return".

Ph said...

With a Motorola you don't get that auto finish function thingy (for sms-ing). Besides if you are out and forgot to charge your phone its impossible to find someone who will let you use their charger temporarily. AND if you lose your charger you can't buy one on the cheap. All this from someone who couldn't care less if she had a cell phone or not. Still. Helps to have one that works for you.

Ludwig said...

[ph] Gosh... All good points. Which leaves us all the more conf. In any case, we've 'borrowed' a phone from a friend, that will hopefully last us until Nokia gets around to making a decent phone.

Anuj said...

Dude dont worry a camera in the phone wont add to the weight or anything ;-) u can ignore the functionality or poke a nail in the lense :)