Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Recent events have triggered a re-reading of Sowing the Wind, whence we have gleaned the following gem.

Lord Arthur Balfour paid only one visit to Palestine, for inaugarating some university or something like that. As he disembarked, the customs official at Jaffa supposedly asked him, "Have you anything else to declare, Mr. Balfour?"

Heh :)


Apu said...

There is a proverb in tamil " kadai thengai eduthu vazhi pillayarukku odaikarathu" - guy sees a ganesh temple and takes the coconut from the shop (without paying, of course) and breaks it.

"Balfour Declaration" always reminds me of that proverb.

Will try to read "Sowing the Wind"?
If you want to read about how the present generation Americans are screwing up in Iraq, try
"The Assassins' Gate: America in Iraq" by George Packer.

Ludwig said...

[apu] The proverb is priceless. Almost eerily describes what the British did in the Middle East. "Sowing the Wind" is most excellent, as are all other John Keay books (as we've belaboured here, here, here, and a little bit here too.

Thanks for the George Packer reco. Will see if it can be gandered at...