Friday, March 09, 2007

Word Verification

In which Ludwig, inspired by a passing comment from Space Bar, invents a new viral game

Everyone has come across these word verification things, right? On Blogger, Orkut, and so on. We have been pondering for years on what to make of those random pieces of string (which is typed by 7 monkeys on barbiturates sitting at the back end), when we realized what is to be done with them words.

Hear ye, hear ye. From now on, it is decreed that when you post a comment, in addition to whatever blah you have to offer, you must provide an on the spot, off the cuff, encyclopaedia entry for the word verification word.

To show what we mean, we have invented the first one (over at that famous New York reprobate's blob). Reproduced here:
definition: Kpzicie (pronounciation: zzitchy), town, pop. 6,000, Slovakia. Kpzicie is a small industrial town on the Slovakia-Hungary border, roughly 25 k.m. SSW of Kosice. Currently chiefly known for its dominance in the world lugged sprockets market, Kpzcie briefly rose to prominence in the 13th century when the voivode of Trans-Carpathia briefly toyed with establishing his capital on the outskirts, on a mound of Ottoman Turkish skulls, harvested during a punitive raid against Bayezid II (Ilderim).

Also famous for pickled gherkins.

Admittedly not very inspired, but you should've seen what Hilary and Norgay looked like when they got to the top. We trust that our discerning readers (including, and especially the marine mammal variety), will totally run with this.

So let it be written, so let it be done.


orcaella ok, cool drink yaake? said...

word verification: nhkvqivg

nhkvqivg was the last incarnation of the former Soviet Union's department of state. previously known as NKVD (Naro:dnõi Komissaria:t Vnutrennih Del) which means People's Commisariat for Internal Affairs.

The nhkvqivg changed its name, because it did everything the nkvd did, but without qvibbling.

many were the shooting parties they held at member's dachas in siberia. my, how this takes me back to my days as an apparatchik..

(wipes away a tear with a gnarled hand)

Ludwig said...

> apparatchik


Veena said...

Word verfication: gogogoch

definition: short for "Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrob
wllllantysiliogogogoch", a Welsh village which has the distinction of having the longest name of any place in Britain. The name means "St Marys Church in the hollow of the White Hazel near a rapid whirlpool and the Church of St Tysilio near the Red Cave". (pronounciation: you will have to go to the tourist information center at gogogoch and they will teach you how to pronounce it)

Yeah yeah, not very inspired. Very real alright.

(Btw, Bill wants to say that he doesn't quite appreciate you making fun of word verification and all. Considering he is closely associated with all seven monkeys who came up with the idea and who spend their days making up these words back in steel town)

Space Bar said...


the sound a lizard makes when it's got the hiccups.

ans ayoka while i'm at it, because after three days i managed toread the comment son this post. i was *burning* to be the first to comment, seeing as how i was inspiration and all but it was not to be, ala, on account of broadband acting up.

did not see al gore's thingy. just thought i'd tell you.

The Black Mamba said...


Term to describe a man who is imprisoned in a room with a door that's unlocked and opens inwards; as long as it does not occur to him to pull rather than push.

And such wisdom that we gain from the other Ludwig... Wittgenstein.

Wittgenstein, ie, Wit + gen(ernate) + stein(a mug, that holds about a pint) -- generator of wisdom by the pint. heh.

alright, we sign off.

Ludwig said...

[veena] you made up the gogogoch bit, right? there really isn't a place called Ll...gogogoch which showed up in word ver., right? right.

speaking words of wisdom, Bill will have to let it be, close associations with 7 monkeys notwithstanding. their work is in the public domain now, and not for Bill to sit and savour through the lonely nights, as the smelter oozes over the slag heap etc. etc.

[space bar] tchah. you do know that you'll be receiving a fraction of a fraction of 1% type royalty on every (hypothetical) cent i'll make with this word ver. thing, don't you?

missed al gore? d'you know if the DVD is available anywhere? i've perused the shelves at Cinema P and drawn a blank so far. they have stuff like "Bowling for Columbine", "Fahrenheit 911" and "The Fog of War" (which, if you haven't seen, is a striking documentary/interview with Robert McNamara, that freewheels through WWII, Korea, Vietnam, World Bank etc.).

[bm] verily, the Master hath isspoken. from the way these word ver. words are shaping up, i'm seriously beginning to believe that of the 7 of veena's bill's monkeys, 4+ must be of convoluted Slavic/Teutonic heritage. the other 3- are, of course, merely these guys i used to know in hostel...