Friday, April 18, 2008

Richard Stalkey

Which pun whoever deciphers will get a sandwich (see below)

Life has been somewhat hectic, to say the least. First however, lunch. We made lunch. Observe.

Ham, egg and cheese sandwich. Juice. Fruit. Pretty bloody fantastic, even if we say so ourselves. This was a workday lunch. Below, is the weekend game version of lunch.

Not very different at all, no? This "food tableaux" photo business has potential that needs exploring.

Also, we will make sandwiches for anyone who can guess which saliva inducing sandwich making movie scene inspired this bout of sandwich making.

Wall poster in Begumpet, today:

Subhash asks us to tell you that if he doesn't answer the phone, please leave a masaj after the peep.

A poem. No particular reason.


Joy Davis

Which poem lets us segue nicely into the link fest.

Why Modern Poems Don't Rhyme, Etc.: Frequently asked questions about the business of verse, by Robert Pinsky.

Q9: Well, I like poetry that is amusing, that maybe makes me chuckle a little. I'd rather read something reassuring and light than something complicated or gloomy. Is that bad? Does that mean I am a jerk?

A9: Yes.


Via Richard Dawkins, Evolution: 24 Myths and Misconceptions. Evolution cannot be disproved and is therefore not science seems most promising.

Horribly poignant story. Gen Peter van Uhm took command of Dutch forces in Afghanistan on Thursday. His son Lt Dennis van Uhm (23) was killed by a roadside bomb in southern Afghanistan on Friday. Friday's attack is not thought to have specifically targeted the new military commander. Is that good? Or bad?

On a related note, Andrew Olmsted, a US soldier in Iraq left a blog post that was to be published in the event of his death. It's up now.

If you haven't, Google up Randy Pausch and see "The Last Lecture".

Physics on women.

Points for identifying the equations.

In other education related news, the Supreme Court of India recently issued a judgment upholding reservations for OBCs in India. In general terms we're quite happy with this, no complaints. Now if only they'd do away with the death penalty, Section 377 of the IPC, and other such monstrosities.

In general, the desi blog world has been pretty solidly against reservations, and you can find as many posts as you feel like. Posts in favour on the other hand, have been far and few in between. As usual, a good starting point is Abi. Of particular interest may be a paper titled "Affirmative Action in Education: Evidence From Engineering College Admissions in India" by Marianne Bertrand (University of Chicago), Rema Hanna (New York University), and Sendhil Mullainathan (Harvard University). Mullainathan has featured in these pages before for the paper Are Emily and Greg More Employable than Lakisha and Jamal? (PDF)

kuffir as usual is very powerful. His latest posts have been about the "creamy layer" (low fat, apparently). This link appears to be broken at the moment, but it leads you to kuffir's quest to find blogs about both sides of the issue.

Speaking of Abi, he has started The Hindu Death Spiral Watch along the lines of Brad DeLong's New York Times Death Spiral Watch. Currently featured in The Hindu watch is their fairly icky news (as opposed to their insane editorial) coverage of the protests in Tibet. Nandigram started it all off, and Ludwig humbly submits this one as another example of faff passing off as news.

A heartening (if old) piece about The Girls of Bihar. Read all of them ('I stole Rs 5 from my home to buy a pen and a note book' for example). Or

We began swimming in the village pond when we were very young and people began telling us we were good. We trained in our village against the wishes of many villagers and try to be our best with whatever resources we have.

We wake up at 3 am every day and go to the pond to swim. We run and swim to build our stamina and swim for two-and-a-half hours every day. Then we come home, eat vegetable and roti and walk to school. It takes us an hour to reach school.

I don't eat anything during lunch because I am not eligible for the mid day meal scheme (the free lunch given to children up to Class V), so I stay hungry till I get back for dinner.

The Delhi Walla follows Sadia Dehlvi around on her new three wheeler!

Apparently Yale has 40,000 and not 4,000 artifacts from Machhu Picchu as previously believed. What are they on? Ayahuasca?


Siddhartha Banerjee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Siddhartha Banerjee said...

Kill Bill 2 sandwich scene?

Cant resist a question :D

Ludwig said...

[Sid Arthur Banner G] Well done, young Paduan. You've earned yourself a sandwich.

All well on 5th Street? Infesting these parts anytime soon?

blackmamba said...

Psst, what is that green stuff you drink on weekends? Looks potent.

And congrats on keeping up with this weekly reporting, the Prannoy Roy of Choultries and Masajes.

besides why poems on Stalkers for no particular reason? Serial Killers next?!

Ludwig said...

[blackmamba] The "green stuff", as you dismiss it, is a horrendously healthy concoction of apple, orange, banana, mango, passion fruit, apricot, pineapple, guava, cucumber and spinach. No preservatives, but contains some fruit concentrates. Product of Dabur.

> And congrats on keeping up
> with this weekly reporting,
> the Prannoy Roy of Choultries
> and Masajes.

Thanks for the swipe at lack of original content :)

> besides why poems on
> Stalkers for no particular
> reason? Serial Killers next?!

Ah, generally, no particular reason, it's the season. Serial killers, yes. If the kind attentions from Southeast Asia persist!

Opaline said...

Creamy Layer is super nonsense phrase. Posters in my university go one step further and say Creamy Lair. Which is double funny because creamy is phonetically the twin of bong word for pinworm.

Gherkins I love. You put DATES in your sandwich? DATES?!! Vim also you put, no?

kbpm said...

hey ludwig
was lurking around trying to find a suitably perpendicular comment to make.
i like that green spinach drink thing, has good kick. better at any rate than the Australian stuff in a can (bleah dont like cans).
come to mumbai sometime na. i will remember my promise to buy you sopsigay soppu this time. still available in plenty in local supermarket. you can put it in weekend sandwich as key ingredient.

Ludwig said...

[srini] i don't put dates in my samwhich. i eat dates, with cheese, on the side. in one mushy goo. it's d-licious.

heh. yes, Vim also. Vimmmm....

[kenny] you lurker you. the green spinach thing is good, but the kick sets in only after it's fermented for a few days in the frize.

mumbai, mumbai. no viable excuses at the moment. would've done a trip if i could afford to fly, but alack. this soppu is utterly missing here (i.e. it's too hot for me to go out there and actually find it).