Tuesday, July 22, 2008


1. Back in biryani land after extensive and hectic perambulations in parts west and south. Should be around for a few weeks, at least.

2. Flu-like throw-uppy symptoms are manifesting. Consider yourself warned. This is all a cosmic indication that haircut is in order.

3. Chief achievements from last week involved getting on evening rush hour local at Dadar and off at Vikhroli, via 1 nos. oily slime from port side of machli dibba to starboard, during a temporal and spatial lull in the continuum as a gigantic sack was bunged into said dibba. Don't ask.

Also, industrial quantities of beer with Kenny, CSM and others.

4. Tip of the week: If you find yourself jobless between meetings in Colaba, a highly economical way of staying unmelted and passing time is to slip into the National Gallery of Modern Art. For Rs. 10, you will get (i) free locker to keep your bags (ii) loos (passable) (iii) air conditioning and (iv) 4 floors of Raghu Rai. Some pictures a bit contrived, some very good, the best we thought were the ones of musicians. Kishori Amonkar, Bhimsen Joshi, Mallikarjun Mansur, Kumar Gandharva - all lost in some quest which we can only barely begin to comprehend. And one very ominous one of Mrs. G.

5. Kenny, in a somewhat inexplicable and insane move, donated a copy of Sea of Poppies. Just finished it and duly handed over to Emma. And the verdict is...drumroll...

It's not as good as (we thought) "The Hungry Tide", "In An Antique Land" and "The Calcutta Chromosome", but better than "The Glass Palace". It's somewhat stilted because (the thing being an historical novel) the man has to convince us that people spoke and behaved the way he has shown in the 19th century, and the man sometimes falls short. Still an easy "unputdownable" read, lots of good "fundas" on history and biology and sailing and music. High point: When he describes the Ibis preparing to set sail - the preparations on deck, the river, the heightened expectation, the taut sails... V. well done. Low point: Having to wait for 2 more volumes. Bleddy J.K.Rowling...

6. Spent some time inside the Kapaleeshwarar Koil in Mylapore on Friday. Spic and span place, maaamas and maamis doing a visitor pattern on all the little shrines inside. High point: naadaswaram guy and accompanists going from little shrine to little shrine and doing one kutti musical offering at each. Higher point: Same dudes doing long pause outside the Rama (must've been) shrine and spending extra time on brochevaaru evarura? Quite delightful.

7. Random links for your viewing and other pleasures

* The quiz is on.

* You really should be reading the Hackszine. Seriously. Ultra cool stuff there. Like LEGO robots that (i) solve Rubik's cube (ii) play records (iii) and also something sort of Minority Reportish called Direct Video Manipulation.

* The Evil Empire could really do this. They're a hairsbreadth away.

8. So long, then. We'll see how often posting will happen.


kbpm said...

whats insane & inexplicable about it? silly boy. had the book. thought you would love it. you finished it already, see, knew you would!! (btw forgot to autograph it.. oh wait.. amitav uncle should be autographing it and not me!)

anyway in the meanwhile i finished with gouridange & the new jhumpalahiri. & perhaps i will read that china thing that you left behind (i suspect you left it behind because its so PINK).

Space Bar said...

since you are in biriyani land and since that poppies book is crying out for amitav uncle's autograph, call me, like, today.

Anonymous said...

When you have a stable moment send me a working phone number to reach you. I am planning on being in Hyd from 12 through 22. See you then - RPT

Ludwig said...

[kenny] since you've already got me vol. i, i am assuming vols. ii and iii will follow in due course, they will have the same cover art theme type stuff, so that they will all look nice as one set on my shelf.

thanking you in advance for your kind perusal,

yours sincerely...

i so did not leave it because of pinkness. i am a votary of pinkness. it's one of the ones i can see.

[space bar] yo there. you know the story...

[RPT] i emailed you my number about 5 days back. am in town 12-14 but traveling after that, not sure exact details. see you then!

kbpm said...

no problem. i will be happy to allow your bookshelf to sparkle with my goodself's largesse. i will buy it in crossword and refuse to let them lovingly encase it in plastic. meanwhile you brave monsoon rains and leptospirosis to visit me. oh gawd i hope you dont have lepto from walking in the rain. hope you are feeling better.

shit what the heck?word verif gives me


why leave out the other 18 letters of the alphabet? wait. 19.

Veena said...

What pink china book? I just picked up an orange china book from the biblio. Your favorite history chap ka latest. You've read? If so, tell all abt it please

Opaline said...

Didnt like book. Didnt read beyond first chapter anyway. Seemed very forced, the writing. Which is sad because I love everything else he's written, except for Calcutta Chromosome.

Ludwig said...

[kenny] lepto? didn't even think that's a real disease. i don't have it, on the mend. and i will hold you to the other 2 volumes over the next 4-5 years.

[veena] WHAT? it's out? it's available?? i hadn't the faintest... where do i lay slimy paws on it? not to be found in desh as far as i can tell. disaster...


[srini] it isn't that bad, even if i agree very much with the forced writing bit. "The Hungry Tide", "In an Antique Land" and "The Calcutta Chromosome" just rocked outta shape for me, the others are good, and didn't particularly fancy "Glass Palace".

how can you not like "The Calcutta Chromosome"? it beggars belief.