Monday, July 28, 2008

Google Est Mort


Soothingly black.


csm said...


Ram Tekumalla said...

The news of Google
's death is greatly exaggerated.

Opaline said...

Non. Searching for "Srin" turns up a dozen south Indian men on Cuil. On google I am second on the list. So there. Google>Cuil.

aandthirtyeights said...

I'm still a Google boy. My blog isn't even listed on Cuil!

Nitish said...

no way jose. it gives me immense pleasure in saying that even live kicks cuil's ass.

But the black theme is sweeeeet!

Ludwig said...

[ye of little faith] ye of little faith, i have it on the best authority that this is all being ironed out as we speak. keep checking back.

if anyone can do it, these guys can? though, with due respect to mr. csm there, looks good.

and with due respect to mr. evil empire nitish there, your recent acquisition PowerSet is also supposed to be neat.

still, early days.

Sharada said...

Even my blog figures nowhere on the search. Like I care.:p Highly interesting though what they claim. Not hit based but rather content based results (my blog content is uninteresting then:|).The layout is nice too! And fancy explore by category drop-down boxes. Went ahead and Googled for Cuil and Cuiled for Google. And of course Cuiled for cuil and Googled for Google.:p :p Cuil has some very ineteresting results to yield for itself. And for some reason the drop down boxes indicate French breads and French cuisine.:|

Ludwig said...


don't judge it by your blog :P and i'm sure pretty soon it'll start finding it too. startup trouble, i think.