Thursday, August 28, 2008

Of Walt Whitman, Thread Deadlock And Suchlike Pandaemonium

Substitute all the dining philosophers with blog posts waiting to be aired, and this more or less describes the situation.

Song of Myself

Do I not blogpost often myself?
Very well then I do not blogpost myself,
(I am large (you bet!), I contain many blogposts.)

Among the posts jostling inside are the following

  • Random travelogue with pictures and so on of trip to parts south

  • Long-ish thing continuing where we left off on the neural Buddhism thing, with brief detours into why religions suck, why it's not reasonable for well off middle-and-higher class types to run off to people like Sri Sri Sri (how many nowadays?) Ravi Shankar expecting peace and happiness, why there is no god, why there is a god and She is probably a Pigeon and so on

  • Why we've taken to graphic novels in our dotage, and how it has completely flabbergasted and flummoxed us that we'd actually get interested in a new art form at this late stage in life

  • A little something on Murakami's latest which being a combination of Murakami, writing, running, and Boston/Cambridge is utterly irresistible

  • A review of A Sea of Poppies which we volunteered in a moment of insanity for well known Peruvian junkie but didn't do and instead got beaten to it by el Spaniardo

  • Lots more Large Hadron Collider stuff, including the LHC rap thing which is hilarious and en passant I Will Derive which is also funny (but very nerdy)

And so on. It'll all have to wait.



Anonymous said...

May I remind the Thadal songs post - In which you give all about those ones!

kbpm said...

such things as unwritten posts are rattling inside me too. of course good on you for having made that into a post in itself! you make me proud. :)

Veena said...

The Spaniard beat you to it because I diligently called her everyday and threatened her. Hopefully you will be a good boy and do yours so that I shall not have to resort to such tactics again.

blackmamba said...

Speaking of the Dining Philosophers problem. I think you should just learn to type with a single hand.... and stop using forks and chopsticks on the keyboard.

thankyou thankyou.

Space Bar said...

now the spaniard hopes the mallu mafiosi will find a way to arrange for the berger, since her malluness claims she can arrange anything. the spaniard makes respectful request, in triplicate, if her malluness prefers.

choxbox said...

the rap is soopper, now why didnt they teach us stuff in that manner?

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, you have such and many useless blogposts in your bloated gut, in addition to many babai idlis, dosas and such like.

Please do some research as earlier requested, for now.

-The Tek

Veena said...

Spaniard: In triplicate? The mallu mafiosi is not Sir Humphrey you know. And yes, given the right incentive, we can arrange anything. Will look into the Berger.

(Those of you who would like to remind us that that mallu mafiosi is not in fact mallu, I suggest you go read up on O-Ren Ishi first)

Pragya said...

A web award for you here:

Your blog is immensely readable.

Sharada said...

I want to see that post on the well-off running to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for peace and happiness.
Ask me,I've done it. And was disillusioned after one particular experience.:p More like realisation dawned upon me. That killed the fun. Ahh..btw, couple of the teachers? Your friends wonly, they are. From IIT types.:p And what fantastic tresses they sport! Some herbal concoction from AOL, apparently.:)

Sudhir Pai said...

what graphic novel have you been readin? me haven't read one in a while...

aandthirtyeights said...

oi, you have won an award. It involves pitcher of beer also. Check my blog.

Ludwig said...

wow. so many comments. phew.

[priyambad] ooh. clean forgot about that one. we need to give it those ones.

[kennybunk] thank you, thank you. the Ultimate Blogging Slime this is, talking of posts to come.

[veena] like that, eh? it will come, it will come. one of these days.

[blackmamba] oh my. ingenuity + self back patting. now if only you could put that in pseudo-code, we will have an algorithm that will make us tons of money.

[space bar] err... you and veena are not allowed to have conversations with each other in my comments section. what is this i say?

[choxbox] totally, no? i hope our peers who've become profs are more imaginative. hey wait, we know at least one specimen who we could check with...

[ramtek] what? adi edo ardham ayyetattu yedu baabai!

[veena] see above.

[pragya] hey, welcome lurker, thank you, thank you. we are muchly kicked. an award and all, whatte fun i say?! will pass the tag on anon.

[sharada!] ah, so you've trod the Jai Gurudev path yourself, eh? me too, but like 10 years back.

please don't confuse the Sri Sri IITians with my friends. mine are all sane, hard drinking, filthy, lecherous, cussing, slobs. decent people, basically.

[sudhir] "Watchmen", dude. bought it with ill-gotten Landmark gains :P

[imam] heh. award season it seems like. thank you thank you. i was going to pass on the parcel from pragya (see above) to you, but you've put paid to all that. ah well... what's this about beer?

kbpm said...

i will take your oblique reference and defend myself saying that i am too cynical too jaded and too much in need of a break to do anything fanciful as of now. but will take your suggestions keep it in mind and who knows what will happen by and by?