Friday, August 01, 2008


Morning coffee - check
Bath - check
Pongal vada - check
First day, first show - check


Abi said...

And the verdict is ...?

Ludwig said...

[abi] that was lightning fast, il professori! i've emailed verditc to your GMail account :)

kbpm said...

same question. how it was?
my marra tamizhan husband assures me Kuselan is that pal of Krishna's who brought poha to him. enlighten please.

Ludwig said...

[kbpm] the review is up at the usual location. they made it a bit of a senti drama, but it's OK. not a Thalaivar padam. your tamizhan is bang on target with his myth fundas.

Opaline said...

Rajni looks hot with pink hair.

Ludwig said...

[srini] Rajini looks hot.