Friday, November 07, 2008

Songs I Would've Loved To Dance To (And A Dark Secret)

Of course, a whole other gigantic post is waiting. Long time, no post. Long to post, no time. In lieu, and mourning the demise of Worldspace in advance, we present 5 a few Indian film songs which we would've loved to dance to if we had the talent, necessity, insobriety, etc. In no particular order.

Song 1

Almost any Shammi song, of course. This one is merely one of the genre.

Song 2

For a movie of such overwhelming obscurity, Gumnaam is remarkable in that it has another eminently danceable song.

Song 3

Yes. Seriously. Ah woood, if ah coood.

Song 4

Ditto. Good ol' Madras in the mid-90s.

Song 5

Is actually marginally ahead of #4 in the list, but only remembered it now.

Song 6

An old favourite and a classic, even if there isn't much by way of dancing happening. Mmm. Amala.

Song 7

Oh, the 80s. Those trousers, that rhythm, those "steps", Maruti 800s and Premier Padminis, that tinny voice, ta-ta-ta-tatiyaow, ta-ta-ta-tatiyaow.

Song 8

We were looking for the Telugu version, which appears to not be available online.

Song 9

The latest and greatest. KK Menon is in fact the best dancer in Indian cinema. Ever.

Song 10

A deep, dark secret. Used to be utterly obsessed with this song for a period of about 6 months in 2001-2002. Not that we would want to actually dance to this song. Would we?

Would we?

Your turn(s).


Anonymous said...

Kya chicha, naachtun bolke kaiku logaan pareshaan kar re?

aandthirtyeights said...

"Ninnukori varnam" from Agni Nachatram. Mmmm. Amala. Mmmm.

blackmamba said...

hope pandora doesn't go the worldspace way now..

and my nominee for the

Yes. Seriously. Ah woood, if ah coood.

and for a real list, way too many for a comment.

Ludwig said...

[anonymous] yes.

[imam wapsoro] yes. but not such a dance-able song, no?

[blackmamba] pandora? qua?

that baryashnikov is in movies? last i saw him was in "Sex and the City".

varali said...

Gumnaam is obscure? Am I the only person who watched it 4 times on DD?

And those yellow arrows in Chikku Bukku! I completely forgotten them!

Ludwig said...

[varali] heh, very possibly.

oh yeah, the arrows... after "chikku bukku" and "urvasi urvasi", Egmore station and PTC buses were never the same.

kbpm said...

oh i let this one pass so long eh. i agree with your selection. good one. you go boy ludwig.

and while on deep dark secrets i used to utterly obsess on last song video too. along with another nasty song with three fairy like creatures. obviously those days are behind me now that i have become super-mommy-monster-creature.

shankari said...

Where have I been?

Lovely list (the 2nd link is dead, alas).

I'd just add if I could - some vintage Bobby Deol (I know, my weakness - Soldier, soldier makes go too weak in the knees to dance or even stand unassisted :P
My kids tell me I have that same foolish expression when I see my Dream baaie aka greeku veerudu)

And, what about

Ludwig said...

[kenny] heh. that's like, awesome!

come to my arms, my beamish woman
oh frabjous day! callouh! callay!
i chortle like someone named Suman.

(some of us will do anything to rhyme)

and touche about the 3 pinkish winged fairy creature song also. you have depths that were hitherto unsuspected.

[shankari] where indeedy? i will pass over in silence over the Bobby Deol comment, but i can totally see the point about Greeku Veerudu. mmm.

and re: Dil, the whole thread is kind of seeping away from "danceable songs" into "period pieces" or something, isn't it? there's a whole other post waiting on the "songs that evoke eras" theme.

and Holy Moly "Jaan Tere Naam" is online!!!!! owe you big time for this one.

The Pulla said...

Great list - I would add Disco Deewane of Nazia and Shoaib (most of their songs). Isn't Nazia Hassan heavenly?
Also, I am a Disco Dancer (bappi Lahiri)

Ludwig said...

[Pulla] Point R there. Nazia Hassan is one, also Laila o Laila. But again, danger of slipping out of "dance" territory into "period piece" territory is there.

You are a disco dancer? Wouldn't have suspected :P