Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Election Thoughts

Have seen Rakesh Sharma's documentary (with axe to grind, doubtless) "The Final Solution". Excerpt:

More available on YouTube, see the "Related Videos" link for the above.

The BJP variety of "cultural nationalism" is really vomit inducing, as these types of -isms tend to be. A sick vomit, full of sadness and despair. Lumps of undigested history, chunky and chewy; bile distilled from grievances real and imagined; all held together by a viscous, retch-inducing goo of misguided religion, "culture" and propaganda.

Unfortunately, we aren't flush with alternatives (even if almost anything is better).

Thank goodness for having grown up in Amherst, MA and Cambridge, MA, and to Hyderabad, AP for more recent epiphanies.

Today comes this. WTF is going on? Help.


Shweta said...

Dammit,man. Before breakfast. All there was to vomit was the night's peace and a gusher of bile.

Ludwig said...

[svyas] peace pulao? i hope the video caused the evacuation and not the exquisitely detailed description that i wrote.

Shweta said...

No, da. Roohafza with milk and ganji biscuits, my stomach is of the weak variety. And no, not your superior venting of kadupumanta but just that all mention of Gujarat and ensuing matters and is enough to sicken me. Like I said, weak stomach.

Aparna said...

Did you vote? Did you use the "None of the above" option? I have never used that since Vitto's quiz!!

-- RMan

Ludwig said...

[K. Dvai.] I know. Enough to make one lose faith.

[Romain] I voted. There is no "None of the above" option. I wanted to vote CPI-M, but unfortunately this year they're part of some Grand Alliance involving TDP etc. so did a well left.