Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Travel Envy Rant

They are being insufferable all over the place. As suspected strongly.

I am sure at least 5 more posts will follow in approximately 13.76 picoseconds and those last 5 pathetic words can also be elevated to the ranks of hyperlinks.



Aparna said...

How the heck do they fund their travels? I go off for a week and I have to come back to a light-year long Inbox. Dont they have to e-mail for living? The rate in which I covering the globe, it will take approximately 10 billion years to catch up with these guys! Pity the sun wouldn't last that long!


Space Bar said...

take your revenge, ludoman. you have a (short) love story to live up to now.

Ludwig said...

[Roman] I will ask them. Slackers. I'm really quite done with hearing about other peoples' cool travel stories. One set of friends just came back from the Andamans, another from Corbett, one is off to Sikkim/Bhutan in a couple of days, and these Silk Road type people have taken it to a new level altogether.

[long key] i am mystified. wot is?

Space Bar said...

check veena's blog for all to be made clear.

i also have a friend who's in bhutan. i suggest you find yourself a seat in the centre of the dissipated cyclone and tell us tall tales of bravery and adventure.

(did you see those creepy snakes? i wouldn't have believed it if it hadn't been for the photograph. murukkus indeed.)

Veena said...

Aparna: Ignoring Inboxes is generally a good idea. whether one is travelling or not.

SB: Those snakes are used (in small quantities) in herbal medicine, we were told. I had to buy some amoxycillin around that time but I stayed away until we got back in Beijing. Just in case.

Sharada said...

Since bad habits will take some time to be gotten over, anyway,
Shafaat Uncle's put me on a "spread the word mission". BSAP heads via ship to Andamans this November for three-four days. Trip will materialise subject to interest evinced. :D

What's with your word-verification? "drackuri" it seems. Dracula kura. eww.

sachypoo said...

i'm off to bruxelles for 3, then sud afrika for 11.
days, that is.