Saturday, May 23, 2009

Check Out The Moves On That Kid

The kid being, yours truly. Read the below carefully. Several announcements of engrossing interest follow.

1. ACE 2009 is on, baby!! It's the 5th edition. It's bigger. It's better. More teams, more media coverage, more everything. More kozhambu, damn it. Please participate in vast multitudes! See this too:

2. This blog is moving!!!!!!!! Sort of. Actually, it's trifurcating. This is a word normally found only in Indian Railways timetables. And with reference to places like Renigunta and Mughalsarai. Anyway, apparently, the key to becoming a famous blogger, is to know the right people. Thanks to such Beings, one part of the blog will now live on the Livemint website under the name Filter Coffee (we're looking for better names, yes.). Some new and rehashed posts are already up. This will contain the "serious" stuff. The insanity such as mythology, engineering, and sundry letters will continue here.

A second, and hitherto unsuspected facet of the Ludwigumbareshwari will occur on the company blog. This will mostly be about arcane Java and project management concepts. Be warned.

So that is move #1.

3. Move #2 is more corporeal. As the Livemint description says, "Ludwig Wittgenstein based out of Chennai blogs about science, literature, travel and culture." Yes, ladeej and jantalbhainses. Mayur Marg, Begumpet is filled with the cries of forlorn hornbills, even as the evil auto drivers of Venkatraman St., T. Nagar salivate. Lock, stock and barrel have been transplanted to salubrious Madras. The hapless denizens of Hyderabad need not fear. The lure of biryani and other such enticements will keep bringing us back. Hell, looks like work will keep bringing us back.

Dear silent Madrasi readers of this blog, hello. Nice to make your acquaintance. Feed me.

4. Yes, the move was a serious pain in the rear. Agarwal Packers broke my washing machine, and are refusing to cough up the insurance money. A pox on their house. Otherwise trying to settle down.

Watch these spaces. Lot's of excitement coming up. Prizes for all.


Veena said...

1. Trifurcate is also commonly found in long winded reports which offer solutions to long unresolved conflicts

2. Filter Coffee? Arrgh. Is this an attempt at latching on to some unsuspecting maami? Poor you.

3. Bill's contribution: Isn't getting Luddo to blog for Mint like Bush inviting Colbert to White House Press dinner? Have the liberterians really gone that bonkers?

reportergirl said...

Congratulations are in order...though I guess this will make it harder to keep track of you.

Ludwig said...

1. Yes, that's what I said. Indian Railways timetables.

2. Yabba, no. This is a default that was arrived at because of lack of time, energy, creativity etc.

3. Shh. They'll hear.

[reportergirl] I will, indeed, be the elusive pimpernel. Nevertheless, do keep track :)

Space Bar said...

look at the grin on that photo! (is this the one i took? apologies if memory is not serving enough filter coffee. i grow old).

Sharada said...

Oi!The new video has the required changes/annotations etc as your exulans ordered, so you can embed that. This one doesn't play anymore. Has been removed.:p

Ooh livemint blog has finally gone live eh? Congratulations! Cool, will follow faithfully. Unless math crops up in posts somewhere.:)

"see this too"
No credit and all eh? Amma, after lengthy angry mails also I feel like scratching your eyes out.

Ludwig said...

[long key] but of course. i am peddling it left right and center. on livemint, it is "right", of course :) big idiot grin, no?

[sharada] thank you, thank you.

no credit. it's all very bugvad gita based. mehnat without worrying about phal etc.

sujatha59 said...

1. move #2: herzlich willkommen. feed? be glad to. salubrious lunch in freezer. please to check.

2. move #2: ok now, hold on. that's all the mention the bulbuls and beehive get? no nauseating nostalgia? awwww, c'mon!

3. move#1: congrats. maybe the ipl algo post furcated here by omission?

4. wordverif - bindupet :)

ludwig said...

[sujatha] ha ha. too late. lunch had been duly sucked in, and assault on laddoos and pedas had been launched. when i said "feed me", it was to the unsuspecting ones who hadn't _yet_ fed me, not the ones who'd already been suckered into it ;)

i _think_ i've already written the nostalgic house-leaving post. please to refer archives. however, i do have a post in mind about this house and its associations over the last few days, but alas can't be revealed in the public square!

word verif: very funny ;)

sujatha59 said...

Empty House. hmmm....*wiping one solitary tear*, almost outshines another classic i came across recently "life@raja flats". almost.

kbpm said...

was that supposed to be me? well you are on. i mean whenever you return to base (and i do as well). i think cook wants to unleash a vatralkuzhambu on your hybrid-hyderabadi soul.

(and good going on all that trifurcationisms)

Pipa said...

Ok. I finally figured out who the writer of this blog is!

You have moved to Madras. Has preethi also moved there for some reason. I am all confused!

Ludwig said...

[Pipa] Good. Now tell me who you are!

I have moved. As has the other person you mention. Ich bin ein Madrasi.