Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On Pleasing Women - A Quantitative Treatment

Exhibit A


Payyan: gundu malli rendu rubai, un koonthal eri uthirum poo kodi rubai
Pen: panchu mittai anju rubai, nee paathi thindru thantetal latche rubai

Translation (mine, bear with me)

Guy: Jasmine flowers, market price Rs. 2; if they are from your locks, Rs. 10,000,000.
Girl: Some kind of candy, Rs. 5; you eat half and give me, Rs. 100,000

A brief calculation shows that the boy derives joy magnified 5,000,000 times when the item in question has passed via the girl, whereas the girl's joy is only multiplied 40,000 times in the reverse scenario.

All further derivations and conclusions are left as exercises for the interested reader.


Anonymous said...

Cotton candy...much like? No?


Ludwig said...

[Ladheeshmon] Very correct. I have somehow able to mistaken.

kbpm said...

Good analysis. There are further lines in the song that refer to sweat (as in perspiration). I believe that the boy's value is amplified upon sweating. Suggest you look into that, as a corollary.

Anonymous said...

mithai has been halved already.

madrasi said...

I did not know our kbpm could pay such careful attention to the lyrics of a Tamil song or make sense of them if she did!