Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Obligatory Weekend Roundup

How can I blow money over a weekend? Let me count the ways...
  1. Hang out in a Barista with the excuse of trying to find out if the wireless card on the laptop works.
  2. Go with buddy to Taj Residency, drink Glenfiddich, eat kababs, ice cream, and solve the outstanding problems with the world.
  3. Buy some more DVDs from Music World.
  4. Buy another book. But this one is really good. The author is a co-alumnus who dared to be different.
  5. Play snooker in a Gillian's like Hyderabadi adda.

That apart... Watched "Saath Saath", and A Bridge Too Far. Another fantastic WW2 movie, a keeper. This one is about Monty's ill conceived plan, code-named Operation Market Garden to drop 3 airborne divisions behind German lines in the Netherlands, and cut off German supply lines to the Western Front, with the aim of shortening the war. A star cast, and very nice camera work. Annoyingly, there were no subtitles for the German and Dutch dialogues. So everything that Rundstedt, Model, and Bittrich said went into thin air!
Gaana paattus of the weekend were a hotch potch of various things. Some more candidates for running songs
  • Tubthumpin' (Chumbawumba) - "I get knocked down, and I get up..."
  • Zombie (Cranberries) :-)
  • Another One Bites The Dust (Queen)
  • We Didn't Start The Fire (Billy Joel) - Not a particularly "rocky" song, but if you know the words you can't help but sing along, and it takes your mind off the the running for a full 5 minutes!
  • All Star (Smash Mouth) - "Hey now, you're an all star, get your game on..."
  • Moving In Stereo (The Cars) - Fairly obscure. But this is the rockin' tune that plays in that umm... immortal scene from what is regarded by many as the best teen movie ever, where Phoebe Cates emerges from a swimming pool and enters "Brad's" fantasy world.
  • There were more... I forget

And once you're a sweating wreck, you can shower, eat, and lie down and listen to Sanjeev Abhyankar do a Malkauns in vilambit ektaal. I wouldn't know a vilambit ektaal if it came and bit me on the behind, but I can recognize Malkauns once someone bonks me on the head with it, and it is quite the nice raagam. Maybe I like it so much because I like Hindolam and Saamajavaragamana. Who knows? We will leave this mystery alone.

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