Friday, May 27, 2005

Zorba, The Indian?

Long time no post. Actually - long to post, no time. Ha ha.

Read this article on the Indian influence on Greek cinema many moons back, and then lost track of it. It is back online now, with audio clippings and such. A bit long-ish, but most definitely interesting, if you're at all interested in Indian cinema. Or Greece. Or both. Other interesting Indian cinema websites include Upperstall, philip's fil-ums I've said before has some of the best movie reviews of masala and not-so-masala Indian movies, Sarai has some unusual and hard-to-find material including a section called FilmCity, a gargantuan section on Indian cinematography, including an absolutely unputdownable interview with Guru Dutt's cinematographer V.K.Murthy.

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Anonymous said...

Serendipity is my take on this one and a lot of stuff that occurred to me in the last few months. I will explain this later, some day.
But, I remember reading this article on Greek Cinema in Sangeet Mahal as well, but it didn't have the audio clippings. Made for an even more interesting reading now. I need to look up the other sites you are mentioning here. Someday, surely.
-- Y!