Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Best Hindi Movie Song Ever

We've believed this to be true for a long time, and have seen no reason to change. Yet.

Caveat: By "best" we mean the best "overall" performance, there are admittedly more soulful lyrics, more dulcet voices, superior music, possibly better cinematography (Really? Where?), better actors, better movies etc. but as a complete package, not many things come close.

Cinematographer talks about shooting the scene:

A long 3 part audio interview with him is available.


Space Bar said...

Though I knew the story of the shooting, I didn't know there was an interview available online. Thank you!

Phantasmagoria said...

We were in desh and wanted to say hello. Then realized that we had lost number. So saying hello now.

aandthirtyeights said...

Kajra re?

varali said...

aand: I sincerely hope that was in jest.

aandthirtyeights said...

:) of course.

Ludwig said...

[space bar] anytime.

[ph] i've emailed you. you haven't replied. i'll tell your name to teacher.

[mami] of course, there's that masterpiece. sorry i overlooked.

[varali] i don't think he was jesting. deep down inside, in some dark corner of his being, his raging desire to chuck the Carnatic and the flute and go off to Bollywood and become the next Anu Malik. it's writ large on his countenance...

[mami] yeah, right.

priyambad said...

Concur with u on the saang but did a bit of thinking...Yeah, I do think. :)

Some close contenders -

1) Pyaar Kiya to Darna Kya - Mughal-e-azam (As close as it gets to perfection)
2) Aadha hai chandrama,raat aadhi (Navrang,V.Shantaram) - Sensational choreography, Sandhya is just shtunning
3) Kuch na kaho - 1942
4) Na jao saiyyan - Sahib, Biwi Aur Ghulam (My Pick for a poss replacement)
5) Ek Chatur Naar - Padosan