Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Science Videos

Over at Wired Science, they've put up a list of the Top 10 Amazing Physics Videos. #1 is the recently famous "LHC Rap" thing.

And via Abi, we come to a video by something called Marie Curie Actions For Teens. How to explain chemical reactions to teens, is what it deals with. And so funny.

You must've been living in a hole if you haven't heard that approximately now, the people in white coats at CERN are going to fire up their latest toy and see what happens. Note that hadrons aren't colliding yet, this is just a dry run to send a beam of protons in one direction around the supercollider.

The good people over at Cosmic Variance are "live blogging" the event. The last entry as of this writing says, "Reporting now from the High Energy Physics conference room here at Caltech. In an hour and a half we’ll open a live feed to our colleagues at CERN, who will be updating us on what happens." And CERN has a webcast, if that's what you're looking for.

Are you wondering if the Large Hadron Collider has destroyed the world yet?

And finally, a medieval helpdesk video:

In Norwegian, with English subtitles.


choxbox said...

parents of a classmate of the kid at her old school were scientists who'd worked at CERN, so they regularly gave updates. here its posts like these. should pop out of my hole more often.
thanks etc.

Ludwig said...

[choxbox] :) vicarious popping out of hole is also OK. let someone else pop, is what we say. but i have no idea why sitting all the way in Hyd i'm so tickled by this thing. so sharing and enjoying!

clueless said...

Duh!,I was longing to write on this(since Angels & Demons was consumed).Last night the idea was lurking around and somebody already executed.
Comparative facts for those who identify particle accelerator LHC thing, fancied in/through the book.
-U have mumps?
Were u singing “Koi lotade mere beetey huey/bachpan ke din”?see , Lord responded.

Ludwig said...

[clueless] hah! i knew i'd beat you to the post some day. muhahaha.

i had mumps. or something like that. all good now.

yes, the Pigeon definitely responded.

choxbox said...

hey LHC has cuppaxed - temporarily i hope.

Ludwig said...

lol. i know, read it on the grapevine. hiccups are bound to be there. it's 27 km of supercooled magnets!

but the lol was for 'cuppaxed'. haven't heard it in dogs years, brought back some instant memories.

so, as they used to say in a certain place, i am sure the CERN guys will put fight and then it will be peace :PP