Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Group Hug Finito

In which we blog from the Hyderabad Express, somewhere between Sullurpeta and Nellore

The revels are now ended. 3 days of hobnobbing and meeting lots of old faces, though not all the ones we would've loved to. Highlights
  • 2 runs, one on campus and one off, in the company of Kenny, her friend (now nationalized), and the Nitwit. Much fun, and very high speed. The flesh is capable of more than we had suspected.
  • Visited hostel room, used several unprintable words on cowering occupant, and hung out in general
  • Quote of the weekend comes (not surprisingly) from someone who is not an alum or even an engineer. Prof. Sen, (Abi has more), when asked, "Oh sir, what can we do to make India the next superpower, please tell us." says, "I don't know about you, but I don't have the least bit of interest in India becoming a superpower." Surprised quite a few people, I daresay. The loud and lonely clapping you heard from the extreme back row of SAC was yours truly.
  • One of the Women in Science and Technology sessions which we quietly slunk into to meet her who first forwarded us the WTF link was quite absorbing. Indeed, the WTF was mentioned, we're very proud of our baby
  • Dinner at Benjarong and breakfast with Siva, Gaseous Beyondus, and other respected elders
  • Sign on shop in Mylapore: "We do all kinds of grill work, welding and gollasible gates!" Gollasible gates! Mommee, we wants!!
Apparently such worthies as Abi and Choxbox were around, and were not met so that's a bit of a bummer. And no kili josier, which was devastating. More will be shared later. Typing with T9 is quite painful beyond a point...


Abi said...

The loud and lonely clapping you heard from the extreme back row of SAC was yours truly.

And you live to tell this tale.


kbpm said...

oh yes, chox. she flitted in and out again. sorry my bad. missed the Sen but I like the quote!!

Australopithecus said...

Benjarong. nice re. in my neighbourhood you is loafing.

choxbox said...
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choxbox said...

yup, was there saturday. done a report, err..post.

Ludwig said...

[abi] Yes, I do. Vagaries of war, some infantrymen survive.

[kenny] tsk, tsk. you should work on those "networking" skills, y'know?

[australothipecus] how yours? what connection? maybe your sibling's...

[choxbox] duly imbibed. much Sarayu senti one observes. not that one isn't guilty of much Saras senti. just that enough blockheads were not available.

Australopithecus said...

how boletho..whole host of close relatives live in walking distance from said thai place.