Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sampoorna Webpage Rewrite

Everyone knows WTF this is about, no?

A revisit to the group hug homepage reveals that the page in question has disappeared! Voila! Instead, we now have For the Family.
The theme for the Family track for this year's Global Conference is "Sampoorna – For the Whole Family".
In a reasonably clever move that prevents the raising of further blogical fingers, it says:
(All delegates to the conference, and any of their family members, are free to attend not only the sessions at Sampoorna, but any of the sessions making up the 6 thematic tracks, and the plenary sessions.)
Everyone can go everywhere, snail is on thorn and lark is deeply engrossed in an energetic rendition of Kumbaya.

There's still an undercurrent of mumbo jumbo, mind you.
The event explores through music and dance the impact of the five elements of the world, how it is being abused, and remedial measures that can be taken to stop the ecological disaster staring us in the face.
But we are going to strictly implement the advice Paul's mother Mary proffered.

The Mystic Trail has disappeared completely, instead you can play chess with Vishwanathan Anand (or Vandy, as he will be called on campus). All said and done a reasonably satisfactory conclusion, even if Shilpa Shetty is giving it a miss.

On campus investigations revealed the following.

1. The Mystic Trail was supposed to be more of a "gag" like thing all along, apparently. Of course, that wasn't entirely clear from the website. Anyway, good riddance. Hopefully the heartbroken josier is not lurking on Sardar Patel Road threatening to release his kili on unsuspecting visitors.

2. So, it turns out that the powers that be initially received lots of email and feedback about the WTF. This was given the same treatment that Dravid gives balls outside the off stump in Test matches. However (and here's the rub), the delicate stink from this whole affair had percolated through the blog world (thanks to A-list academic blogger types) and in mainstream media in a small way.

This caused a certain very very very important sponsor to apparently gently hint that changes in the programme would be "appreciated", and hey presto. Paisa bolta hai.

At the Choultry we're all extremely thrilled that the whole thing started off here. In the past, we've hinted at the duties of conscientious bloggers and so on, and apparently we were right. Anyway, that's that. Next, we are composing a rant on global poverty and we are sure there will be a similar speedy resolution to the same.


csm said...

quite the coincidence.
checked out the paniit site today and made the very same discoveries (without of course the inside scoops).

Ludwig said...

[csm] great minds :)

kbpm said...

hello? did i not *tell* you they have hidden my special spouse section away internally?

like a month ago?

(boys i tell you.. no faith.. no faith.. no wonder you all grow up and then delude yourselves that we women need to be constantly painting our nails green and comparing shades with kilis)

neways i am eagerly awaiting global poverty easy-fix 101 now. as it were.

retal your word verif says so i retal(iate).

csm said...

check the iit impact survey report -

side effect - surge in swollen heads.

Ludwig said...

[kbpm] wot are you talking about? where is your special spouse section? couldn't find it...

and yes, global poverty is getting fixed as we speak.

Ludwig said...

[csm] :P cancerous, it is!

Emma said...

There are still things we don't like, but we shall not say a word. We are already upset with something that transpired at a coffee session sometime back!

There is Anil Kumble coming!!! If only we had known earlier!

Do you have some quick fixes for the various forms of "terrorism" (and not just the Mumbai kind) pervading the world today?

Space Bar said...

kbpm: no! no! nahiiin! you did not say 'neways'.


kbpm said...

SB - oh i missed a memo? it is the equivalent of 'c u 2mrow' or something? i hereby sincerely apologise and ask that my statements be retracted. ludwig kindly do the needful.
*please dont stop loving me*
(Paul Revere Lives On!)

kbpm said...

ludwig, more to the point, should I register? Should I? Should I? It seems like an awful lot of money to waste. I mean I see the fosters that I can buy with that money dancing in front of my eyes, lemon slice intact...

Space Bar said...

kbpm: looks like you were too busy networking to notice. Ahem!

Paul Revere appears to have passed on. Doesn't seem to have got the memo about reincarnation either. Some communication snafus at my end, clearly.

kbpm said...

oops. sorry. guilty as charged!life on the other (dark) side beckoned and i went over. thankfully i am back now. Enough is enough (as Shobhaaaa Deyyyyy would say, meaning something very different of course).

Ludwig said...

> There are still things
> we don't like, but we
> shall not say a word.

Excellent! Thank you!!

> There is Anil Kumble
> coming!!! If only we
> had known earlier!

Ah. So that's what it takes!

> Do you have some quick
> fixes for the various
> forms of "terrorism"
> (and not just the Mumbai
> kind) pervading the world
> today?

2 words. Recreational drugs.

[kenny & SB] If it helps, I am completely clueless about what the hell you two are going on and on about.

[kenny] You're coming anyway, right? Registering does seem like a terrible waste. You could spend all that money on my booze. Can't we defer decision till Friday?

choxbox said...

Egaaad. I STILL havent registered. Off to do it now.