Saturday, December 06, 2008

One Possible Reason For The Economic Downturn

Seen today in the Q&A section of a prominent Indian portal:
Iam loss more than one lakhs in intraday trading, in 5 months there is possible for refund that money?
So these are the sorts of people who invest in the stock market.

Ans: "Dear Sir, of course it's possible to get a refund and I can help with the same. There will be a small downpayment of Rs. 50, 000 for which you can pay me in cash. Also, if you're interested, I am the owner of a large plot of land in western UP that I can offer you for a nominal rate. It is riverfront property with landscaped gardens and a semi-residential marble building constructed in the 17th century in the centre. Rs. 3 lakhs only."


aandthirtyeights said...

Don't underestimate these sorts...

Ludwig said...

[mami] true, true. someone who got his demat account just as the Sensex hit 20,000 shouldn't comment about other people's portfolios.

Anonymous said...

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kbpm said...

what (or who) is demat? :-) :-)