Friday, March 06, 2009

Here We Stand, We Can Do No Other


I. The Secret of Happiness

Surrender at the feet of the Lord.

Heh. Yeah, right.

If you're able to read this blog, you really don't have a reason to complain, do you? If you are Indian and reading this blog, you are one amongst the 5% or thereabouts who

(i) belongs to the right economic and social class
(ii) has the necessary level of education
(iii) has the right kinds of freedom (from gender-based and other discrimination)
(iv) has the luxury of time on your hands (and presumably full stomach, roof over head, iPod in armpit and so on)

So what, exactly, are you whining about (if you are in the whining trade, that is)? Take a look around, pick almost anyone on the street and odds are they are bearing burdens that make yours carry-on baggage. Think about it.

II. Really, There is No Help

No answers anywhere. The existentialists possibly had this one covered. Just deal. And see this video, it's quite refreshing for perspective.

III. The Really Important Stuff

Thanks to RamTek and Her Serpentine African Highness for the pointers.



Anonymous said...

I am whining BECAUSE 95% don't carry an iPod, don't have the education I had etc, etc...

I am whining BECAUSE i have to share space with jihadists and ramar senes

I am whining BECAUSE the temple next door is blaring swahas all through the day

The world can manage without coconut chutney and masala dosai. Let South Asia get wiped out...

hah.. feels better now....


P.S. - Any recommendations on organizations that work on controlling small arms trade?

blackmamba said...

II. reminds me of Douglas Adams' puddle speech. And that interestingly enough also talks about religion and technology, not just hopelessness of life and our blue planet.

Ludwig said...

[RamSene] OK, so let me add some caveats.

(i) The 95% who are not reading the blog have every right to whine.

(ii) Nothing in the blog post or in (i) above shall ever be construed to mean that Ram does not have a right to whine.

Why the hell do you want to control the small arms trade? What shenanigans are you up to now?

[bm] It is sad how teleological some of the species has become. It is also tragic how badly I've wanted to use that word in a sentence.

Nina said...

To add to III, Mallu rock. In case you haven't seen it already.