Monday, March 23, 2009

Monsters Lynx

There be monsters here

A survey of monsters (i.e. blogspawn) has been in progress. Sample size: 2. Images highly grainy owing to cell phone.

I. Spaniard has already posted about her's. Since it is after all a Spaniard child, we should call him El Cid, neh? All we have to add is photos of Glide Airlines, with the founder excavating pasta and drinking beer ('ginger' silent) in the background.

Apparently the undercarriage of the contraption is vitally important for obscure aeronautical reasons or something, and had to be photographed.

II. Kenny of course owns original copyright on the "monster" label. We provide photographic evidence. Here are mother and child doing homework. Points for guessing which is which.

III. No monsters here, but certain readers will be aware of how mawkish we got on a train ride a couple of weeks back. Somewhere in Karnataka, this thunderstorm descended on us. It was quite spectacular.

This is a good time to think once again about that obscure piece by Khushwant Singh about rain in India.


Space Bar said...

Now why didn't I think of the El Cid appellation?! btw, thanks for telling me there is something on the other side. And kindly don't tell the Cid that in one week I hadn't bothered too examine it thoroughly.

(ginger silent was too good.)

Why don't you have a photo of Kenny's monster writing exam? That's my main question.

choxbox said...

yeah you tell me - which is mother and which child?

kbpm said...

I object strongly! Its a gross misrepresentation!

& SB- girl, what are you saying? Exams are serious stuff. No mobile phones pendrives and of course, cameras, are allowed inside (at least when I am the boss invigilator).

Bruce said...

So you have blogspawn do you? Well perhaps you or they would like to have a blog of their own on my site. you can create a hosted site for nothing, and there's loads of free themes to pick from. (Family friendly)
Have fun, Bruce