Monday, March 30, 2009

Room With A View

These (more or less) used to be the views from my (corner) office (on the 13th floor of 5 Cambridge Center in 2003-2004.

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This is view from current office.

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O Fortuna
velut luna
statu variabilis,
semper crescis
aut decrescis;
vita detestabilis
nunc obdurat
et tunc curat
ludo mentis aciem,
dissolvit ut glaciem.

This lament is more familiar to us from childhood TV ads with these lyrics, of course.

O-oooo-ld Sp-iiiiiiice
Old Spice,
Old Spice,
Old Spice,
Old Spice,
O-ooooooo-ld Sp-iiiiiiice


Nina said...

I miss Boston.


kbpm said...

how the mighty have fallen...

ludwig said...

[Nina] there, there. it will get better. it won't, actually :| but we bash on regardless, yeah?

[Kennybum] not fallen, really. changed...

The Pulla said...

I guess an ipod in the armpit is not quite enough:D

Anonymouse said...

You moved to Chennai? When?

Ludwig said...

[Puller] i will probably get slapped for this

[Mouse] Trisanku-ish phase at the moment. who might you be? you shouldn't give a rat's ass, no. seeing as you are mouse... ;) [is overwhelmed by his own cleverness, runs himself on sword, dies]

Space Bar said...

when that old spice ad came one, i was always rather puzzled that they seemed to be singing 'colgate colgate!'

no, really. i frequently mishear things. i'm told there's nothing wrong with my hearing.

AnonyMouse said...

Wretched are those that dont recognize the mouse. I am Shiva, the God Of Death. I am the doubter and the doubt, and, I the hymn the Brahmin sings

that man keynes is being resurrected all over the place these days said...

"dissolvit ut glaciem."

means? dissolve pill in glass with water and take it?

The babu rocks. he is awaiting the uncle. ALl good things in June.

Old spice old spice... damn--I'll have that damn thing in my head all night

aandthirtyeights said...

Have you moved to Madras for shady purposes? Do they have anything to do with violins?

Australopithecus said...

Arey, when i was a kid, right near where your office is,there used to be a "lending" library, i think it was called kumaran lending library or something. wonder if it still exists.

Nina said...

Ludwig: Yes. I force myself to think of the winter whenever I miss Boston. Works sometimes.

Btw, do you have any idea how one ships books from the US to India at a reasonable cost?

Ludwig said...

[sb] now you know how i feel a.k.a never lose a chance to flog colour blindness post.

[rodent] whaddeva

[tmkibrao - which is a strangely appropriate Gult name T.M.K.I.B.Rao] thank you, thank you. it takes me to keep your flame flying.

[mami] more sax than violins, if you gather my drift, as you with your clever legal bent of mind undoubtedly do.

[pithecanthrope] you lived here?! no clue about lib. if you know exact location, i will verify existence.

[nina] tsk, tsk. you could instead engage in extremely culturely and vulturely things like this last evening, which was rather nice for many reasons. came out thoroughly satisfied.

re: books, if cost alone is a consideration, i have heard that a reasonably optimal way to do it is to send it by plain old snail mail USPS stuff, after suitable packing. of course, it's a bit of a bitch because you have send reasonably small packages, so multiple mailings. if you care about keeping them safe and all that, one way is to wrap each volume in cling wrap and pack them in usual Staples type boxes and send them via regular shipping companies. i did this and it came out ok at the other end. it's reasonably cheap because it comes by ship and all. or if someone is flying home sans luggage, they can pack a suitcase full. but other than that, air becomes very expensive. helps? more gyaan? email.